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Extensive Shrimp

Extensive Shrimp farming

Extensive shrimp farming is the dominant production system in Indonesia among the small holder farmers. This type of production accounts for the largest share in Indonesia in terms of land area, but due its low productivity contributes only a small part t

Type of farmers

Extensive farmers can either operate individually or are contracted by larger firms to supply them with shrimp. Small-scale extensive or traditional farms are typically less than 5 hectares and are likely to be operated by the household that lives in a nearby village or on the farm itself.

Production and harvesting system

Average pond sizes vary between < 2- 5 ha. Water is exchanged by using natural tidal inundations, by letting water enter the pond. A production cycle takes around 2 to 4 months, with shrimp reaching sizes of 20 to 30 grams. Shrimp are harvested by the farmer themselves throughout the year or by collectors who coordinate the harvest at several farms at once. The survival rate of P. monodon during production is low (45-55%).

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