Yucca Zeo

BZY detox

Treatment of toxic gas, pond bottom pollution
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Bucket 10kg


Bucket 10kg


Zeolite, Yucca schidigera, Bacillus subtilis


The formula combines Yucca to increase the effectiveness of microbiological activity for a long-lasting effect.

- Zeolite both absorbs toxic gases and acts as an active substrate for microorganisms.

- Water soluble fine powder.


- Absorb toxic gas quickly: NH3, ... Prevent the generation of toxic gas in the environment of fish ponds.

- Limiting the phenomenon of fish floating due to pollution, dirty pond bottom, increased toxic gas.


- Once every 5-7 days, 1kg/5,000-6,000m3 of pond water is treated.

- When the pond is dirty, toxic gas is 1kg/3,000-4,000m3 of pond water for 3 consecutive days


Bucket 10kg

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