Supports liver function

Glucan MOS

Supports liver function, increase immunity
Chuyên dùng cho Shrimp/Prawns Intensive Shrimp Catfish Tilapia Carp
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(1,3)-(1,6)-ß-D-glucan; Mannan Oligo Saccharides; Protein


- Shrimp and fish absorb well and effectively inhibit pathogens and toxins.
- Form a biological membrane, protect the intestinal mucosa.
- Supports the immune system, reducing the rate of loss due to infections.
- Ability to bind and inactivate mycotoxins.
- Is a Prebiotic like a Probiotic (beneficial microorganisms) in aquaculture.


- Inhibiting pathogens and limiting toxins.
- Speed up the growth and efficiency of feed conversion.
- Add protein to the diet, limit more vegetable protein (cause intestinal problems).


- Usage: Dissolve in clean water, mix well with feed.
- Dosage: 3-5g / kg of feed.


Package 1kg

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